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We are farmers committed to our productions, our terroir and our roots, and share the same philosophy of respect for the environment. We have the HVE label since 2019 and are part of the Camargue Biosphere.


Be an actor in sustainable development

Passionate about our profession, we want to share our enthusiasm and our knowledge of the natural environment.

Promote agriculture

We want to address consumer concerns and promote agriculture and our products.

Optimize the functioning of our companies

Through knowledge and compliance with environmental regulations, we involve all our skills in our operations and productions. We attach particular priority to the respect of our employees.

Transmitting a healthy land to future generations

We are artisans of the animal and plant life and we are convinced, that the continuous improvement of our companies in relation to the environment is the pillar of pollution prevention and the guarantee of the ecological, economic and social sustainability of our companies.


We want to place our approach in the current context of sustainable development and respect for the environment through pollution prevention and full transparency towards consumers and communities.

We want to make our environmental practices known.

We are committed to analysing our activities, improving our practices, complying with regulations and other environmental requirements applicable to farms and raising awareness and involving our employees.

We are committed to maintaining the nature entrusted to us with the determination to transmit to our children a healthy and preserved land. 

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder


We have signed the charter of commitment because we find ourselves in its values and want to preserve
this territory so fragile is the Camargue.

Mobirise Website Builder
Mobirise Website Builder

Domaine du Vistre
212 Chemin de la Vistrenque
30 600 Vauvert - France

  • Tél : +33 (0)
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Mentions légales
  • Siret n° 398 938 894 00027
  • Label HVE & Biosphère de Camargue

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